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    For Ontario Health Teams

What are Ontario Health Teams?


“Ontario Health Teams are a new model of integrated care delivery that will enable patients, families, communities, providers and system leaders to work together, innovate, and build on what is best in Ontario’s health care system. Through this model, groups of health care providers will work together as a team to deliver a full and coordinated continuum of care for patients, even if they’re not in the same organization or physical location. As a team, they will work to achieve common goals related to improved health outcomes, patient and provider experience, and value. The goal is to provide better, more integrated care across the province. We call this new model of care - Ontario Health Teams (OHTs). Ontario Health Teams are groups of providers and organizations that are clinically and fiscally accountable for delivering a full and coordinated continuum of care to a defined geographic population.”


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What are the challenges facing your organization?


Multiple organizations are being asked to work together to develop local solutions and strategies to make the healthcare system better.


This involves collaboration, planning, execution and monitoring of plans. It means determining whether the changes are delivering the results. It requires verifiable data, reporting and analytical tools to track successes and misses. It demands coordinated oversight, governance and risk management in a multi-organization model.


These are data and information intensive processes. How will you do it? Emailed documents? People putting together their own reports in paper with neither consistency across the members, let alone the ability to verify the calculations? Perhaps one of the members will offer to control all the information for everyone else?


There is a better way.


Stratim Suite™ addresses these challenges and many more…in an innovative and extremely cost-effective manner.

Where does Stratim Suite™ fit in?

Stratim Suite™ provides an integrated, collaborative platform for multiple organizations to work together effectively to deliver the promise and address the risks of implementing an Ontario Health Team.


Stratim Consulting services can be used to provide support and guidance in the areas of Strategy, Risk, Quality and Governance (core Stratim models) or in the design, application and use of any of our models (Client Experience, Health Service Provider Experience, Clinical or Service Delivery, Human Resource and Financial).


Our tools can import your data from your systems and integrate them with the data from partners, to provide a wholistic view of system performance in key areas.


Features and Capabilities



Data and Metrics

  • Oversight:
    • Strategy Execution
    • Quality Improvement
    • Risk Management
    • Governance
  • Clinical Performance
  • Service Delivery
  • Human Resources and Financial



  • Multi-Organization model
  • Secure, hosted site
  • Web enabled
  • Uses standard Microsoft platforms (SharePoint and Power BI)
  • Unlimited Users
  • Integrates data from virtually any source

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