Powering Organizational Performance.

  • Consulting

    The right stuff. The right way.

Stratim provides that rare mix of "hard" and "soft" skills necessary to achieve success.


We combine objective analytical insight with creativity, leadership and discipline to help you attain the future you seek for your organization.


  • Skilled facilitators work with your thought leaders to craft organizational strategy and outcomes.
  • Knowledge transfer and best practices provide the methods and confidence to support your team with execution.
  • Stratim Suite™ Tools assist your organization in managing the transformation by tracking progress and results.


It's about making things better!

The reason why organizations develop strategies, plans and objectives is to create positive change. Strategy provides a roadmap to guide your organization from where it is today - to where you want it to be tomorrow. Having a plan is not enough. A thoughtful approach that integrates the many facets of your organization, and its context, is key. Managing the transition in a disciplined yet adaptable way is critical.

Our approach to strategic management and organizational performance provides a comprehensive, integrated framework. From crafting strategy to building action plans and monitoring organizational performance; from leading change initiatives and managing risk to transferring knowledge to your team via coaching and support... Stratim can help.