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Integrative Thinking
Integrated ideas and tools connect the dots between strategy, execution and results. Solutions incorporate proven best-practice concepts woven together in an integrated, innovative way.

SharePoint, Business Intelligence and Data Integration
Leverage SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Microsoft software to deliver business intelligence capabilities. Integrate data from multiple systems and sources.

Cost Effectiveness and Adaptability
Our solution can be quickly and effectively put to work for you whether you have 10, 100 or 1000+ employees. Start with our flexible, integrated models and then customize them to make them your own.

Low Risk
The use of standard SharePoint Foundation techniques ensures that your team can understand and support these solutions. The tools stand on their own - and are not dependent on our consulting methods or services.


The Strategic Management Portal provides a comprehensive, integrated framework to support strategy and organizational performance. It's about making things better! It provides the concepts and tools to assist your organization in successfully communicating, planning, executing and monitoring your strategy through to results.

Communicate and Explore Organizational Strategy
Explore strategies by reviewing the strategic intent, outcomes and diagrams associated with each strategy. Navigate through the project definitions of all the initiatives required to implement each strategy. Track the progress of strategy execution against planned timelines.

Do you know if your strategies have been executed?

Strategy CompletionTrack Projects and Individual Assignments

Keep on top of projects, work plans, and related issues with online tools. Ensure that everyone understands their role. People will see all of their assignments across various projects. Managers use oversight analysis tools to see the big picture; and track project issues to stay on top of key details.

Monitor Organizational Performance, Quality and Risk
Define key outcomes and measures so that everyone understands what the organization is striving for. View charts and tables via easy-to-use analytical tools to monitor progress against benchmarks and performance targets. Drill down into performance data to understand why. Use the risk management model to identify, assess and monitor risks.

Do you know how well you are performing in key areas?

Integrate DataDashBoard Spectrum

Integrate data from disparate systems or customize models to streamline and integrate previously manual data collection processes.

Enable Board Collaboration

Allow Board members their own workspace to collaborate and communicate more effectively. Track action item assignment through to completion. Provide online access to Board documents. Streamline Board reporting by integrating performance data directly into their reports.

Leverage Your Team and Your Technology
Our portal solution is built on SharePoint Foundation from Microsoft. This means that it will integrate into your current technology environment... and be easily adopted by your team using their current knowledge of common Microsoft tools.


MOHLTC Directive requires Quality Improvement Plans in Long-Term Care Homes. Will you be ready?

Stratim has been working with Long-Term Care homes in Ontario for many years. Our approaches and toolsets are perfectly suited to helping you meet this challenge.