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Integrative Thinking
Integrated ideas and tools connect the dots between strategy, execution and results. Solutions incorporate proven best-practice concepts woven together in an integrated, innovative way.

SharePoint, Business Intelligence and Data Integration
Leverage SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Microsoft software to deliver business intelligence capabilities. Integrate data from multiple systems and sources.

Cost Effectiveness and Adaptability
Our solution can be quickly and effectively put to work for you whether you have 10, 100 or 1000+ employees. Start with our flexible, integrated models and then customize them to make them your own.

Low Risk
The use of standard SharePoint Foundation techniques ensures that your team can understand and support these solutions. The tools stand on their own - and are not dependent on our consulting methods or services.

Dynamic Analysis Tools

Insight based on facts and analysis

Dynamic analysis tools allow people to see key patterns and trends - and understand what's behind them. By exploring the data from different perspectives and at different levels of detail, you can gain insight into where improvements are required. Different chart types can be dynamically chosen and changed. Different parameters can be selected or filtered out. Different pieces of information can me added or removed. ... all by drag-drop or point-click operations.

Analysis pages are flexible and dynamic. Pre-formatted views can be saved and stored for later use. Pages can be secured so that they cannot be modified or that only authorized people can see or change them.

Capture data from multiple sources

Data capture techniques are designed to minimize effort. The source data may be loaded into the system; captured into it directly; or connected into it in real-time from existing systems. The choice is yours. Once the data is available, you can use analysis tools to review and explore it. Alternatively, you may choose to use the Business Intelligence (BI) or data analysis features of Excel as the front-end for your analysis.

SharePoint lists, Excel data, SQL databases and other Microsoft data sources are frequently used... but you are not limited to these. Many types of data sources can be integrated into the portal. These can range from loosely, coupled copy-paste techniques; directly connecting to external databases dynamically; or integrated SharePoint lists. It's up to you.

Falls TrendAnalysis2

MOHLTC Directive requires Quality Improvement Plans in Long-Term Care Homes. Will you be ready?

Stratim has been working with Long-Term Care homes in Ontario for many years. Our approaches and toolsets are perfectly suited to helping you meet this challenge.